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BioTrust Products

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  1. BioTrust® Low Carb - BioTrust Low Carb is a delicious, low-carb protein powder made up of 4 premium fast- and slow-acting proteins to help keep you satisfied for hours.
  2. BioTrust® Organic Protein Bars - BioTrust Organic Protein Bars are packed with 20 grams of organic protein, 5+ grams of gut-friendly fiber and healthy fats.
  3. OmegaKrill 5X™ - OmegaKrill 5X combines the antioxidant power of krill with the purest omega-3s from wild-harvested, cold-water fish, including three times more DHA than standard fish oil to maximize health benefits.
  4. AbsorbMax™ - AbsorbMax is a premium digestive enzyme blend designed to help your body fully break down and absorb the nutrients from your food while helping relieve a variety of digestive discomforts.
  5. Pro-X10™ - Pro-X10 is a unique probiotic blend that uses patented Microencapsulation Technology™, which protects and dramatically enhances the delivery of probiotics to your gut.
  6. IC-5™ - IC-5 is a unique blend of 5 research-backed ingredients that work together to help support healthy blood sugar levels.
  7. LeptiBurn® - LeptiBurn is a combination of 4 research-backed ingredients scientifically designed to help folks accelerate their weight loss and overcome weight loss plateaus by supporting the body’s number one fat-burning hormone, Leptin.
  8. BioTrust® Protein Cookies - BioTrust Protein Cookies are an outrageously delicious, amazingly healthy, high-protein cookie made with natural ingredients that the entire family can enjoy! Each cookie contains 12 grams of our premium, grass-fed, hormone-free time-released protein blend and 5+ grams of fiber.
  9. BellyTrim XP™ - BellyTrim XP is a combination of super fat-fighting fats that is scientifically designed to increase the body’s ability to burn fat—especially stubborn belly fat and other problem areas—while also reducing the body’s ability to store fat.
  10. Metabo379® - Metabo379 is a non-stimulant fat metabolism booster designed to ignite your fat-burning results. Its ingredients have been shown in multiple clinical trials to dramatically increase weight loss—to the tune of 3.79X—compared to diet and exercise alone.
  11. Brain Bright® - Brain Bright is a triple-action brain enhancement formula scientifically designed to supercharge a “drained brain,” improve focus and concentration, support brain health, and improve short-term memory by enhancing levels of key brain chemical, increasing blood flow, and supporting protection of the brain.
  12. Joint 33X™ - Joint 33X is a next-generation joint health formula scientifically designed to revitalize tired, worn out joints with a combination of three research-backed ingredients shown to dramatically outperform popular, yet inferior, joint health ingredients and provide relief in as little as 5 days!
  13. Ageless Body™ - Ageless Body is a breakthrough anti-aging defense formula that combines cell-rejuvenating nutrients with age-defying antioxidants scientifically designed to slow cellular aging, combat oxidative stress, boost energy levels, relieve visual signs of aging, and reduce the belly-fat-storing stress hormone cortisol.

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